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Welcome to DPPS / Our School

The Delhi Police Public School came into existence on 1st April, 1989, under the aegis of the Police Foundation for Education, which aims at fostering educational and cultural norms and values among the present generation.

Education has become multifaceted, taking on new dimensions. Preparing the child for a new world order has become a challenge. Rather than mere acquisition of knowledge, they need to be equipped with life skills. The school aims at developing the child into a sensitive environment conscious and intelligent adult, capable of seeking and acquiring skills that will help in achieving academic and professional success within the context of moral and ethical values.

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Principal's Desk


“Who will hold my hand and take me forward?” An unanswered question which is distinctly visible in the eyes of a child when he steps out of the cozy lap of mother, secure environment of home. Then, school becomes a second home and the teachers with care and affection shoulder the responsibility of training the character..

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Mission Statement


Our mission is to provide educational experience of quality that enables our students to learn, share and succeed, to preserve and enhance the highest standards of excellence and prepare generations for the 21st century – to become the repository of a deep commitment to Indian ethos and culture in its pristine form.…

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News & Updates

29November, 2016

Tender for Modernisation of Light and Sound System in the school Auditorium Read More

17November, 2016

Circular dated 17 Nov. 2016 Read More

7November, 2016

Weekly test scheduled on 7th Nov. 2016(Senior wing) and 9th Nov. 2016(Primary wing) has been postponed as per the following:
1. Classes XI and XII exam will be held on 24th Nov. 2016.
2. Classes VI to X exam will be held on 25th Nov. 2016.
3. Classes KG to V exam will be held on 11th Nov. 2016.

6November, 2016

As per the instruction of Delhi Govt. the school will remain closed for all the students for 3 days with effect from 7th Nov. 2016 in wake of increase in pollution in Delhi.

28October, 2016

Circular dated 28 Oct. 2016 Read More

26October, 2016

Circular dated 25 Oct. 2016 Read More

22October, 2016

Circular dated 20 Oct. 2016 Read More

13October, 2016

DPPS advertisement dated 9, 11 and 13 October 2016.Read More

13October, 2016

DPPS advertisement dated 9, 11 and 13 October 2016. Application Forms For Walk in Interviews Read More

13October, 2016

Circular dated 13 Oct. 2016 Read More

29September, 2016


8September, 2016

Circular dated 08 Sept. 2016 Read More

2September, 2016

Circular dated 02 Sept. 2016 Read More

30August, 2016

5TH KALAVRIND – AN INTER SCHOOL ON-THE- SPOT ART COMPETITION (AUGUST 27th, 2016). For details click at Show result

27August, 2016

Result of ‘INFINITY MATHEMAGIC’ – An inter school Mathematics Competition at Delhi Police Public School held on 27.08.2016. For details click at Show result

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